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Health And Nutritional Products

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Softovac Sf Sugar Free Bowel Regulator Irregular Bowel Habits 250Gm

Price: 460 INR/Bottle

Softovac SF is a bowel regulator with the power of 100% natural actives for effective relief from constipation and irregular bowel habits.

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Jackfruit 365 Green Jackfruit Flour 200G

Price: 600.00 INR/Pack

Helps control Blood Sugar Levels In 90 days Rich In Dietary Fibre Helps In Digestion Source of Soluble Fibre & Protein Store in an Airtight Container After Opening 1 Tablespoon per person per meal

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Organic India Whole Husk Psyllium 100 gm powder

Price: 210.00 INR/Container

Promotes Healthy Elimination and Regularity Contains both Soluble and Insoluble Fiber Supports the Entire Gastrointestinal System

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Moringa powder

Price: 1.29 USD ($)/Gram

100 Percent herbal, 100 percent natural no chemicals Ayurvedic product, safe no side effects Natural herbs in powder form

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Whole Haritaki / Harad

Weak digestion Harad improves digestion by forming a healthy intestinal environment and by increasing the absorption of nutrients from the food. This is due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestive) properties. Moreover, Harad also has Rechana (laxative) property that can aid in constipation.

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Himalaya Gasex (100 Tablets)

Price: 120 INR/Bottle

Manufactured by The Himalaya Drug Company Indications for the treatment of Indigestion Agnimandya Dosage 2 -3 tablets after meals or when required

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Himalaya Liv. 52 DS (60 Tablets)

Price: 144 INR/Bottle

Helps to protect the liver against hepatotoxins Guards the liver from jaundice and Hepatitis A & B Stimulates the overall growth and appetite of the body Helps to improve the digestion process

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Babaji Herbal Ortho Nil Powder Pouches

Price: 90 INR/Pack
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
Product Image (Artemisinin 100mg Vegan & Gluten Free Capsules)

Artemisinin 100mg Vegan and Gluten Free Capsules

Price: 750 INR/Bottle
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
Product Image (Montalin Capsule For Uric-Acid)

Montalin Capsule For Uric-Acid

Price: 1800 INR/Pack
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
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Paneer Dodi Phool

Price: 300 INR/Gram

Anti - Diabetic Natural herb Anti - Diabetic and weight loss herb Paneer Phool lowers the blood sugar, improves glucose utilization & carbohydrate metabolism in the body

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Himalaya liv 52 tablets

Country of Origin: India Indications: - Protects the liver against various hepatotaxins, corrects liver dysfunction and damage, promotes appetite and growth

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Vaidyaratnam Maharasnadi Kashayam

Price: 2.38 USD ($)/Bottle

Vaidyaratnam Products With Natural And Herbal Ingredients tend to change colour over time.

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Dabur red Pulling oil

Price: 3.45 USD ($)/Bottle

Dabur Red Pulling Oil Ayurvedic Mouthwash brings to you Kavala Gandusha Therapy an oral detox regimen based on ancient Ayurvedic texts. It is an oil based mouth rinsing therapy which requires swishing oil in the mouth and is know to protect from diseases of the mouth, teeth and gums, and also gives a host of other wellness benefits. This moutHwash kills 99.9% germs. It contains natural oils of Coconut and Sesame, and natural herbs such as Tulsi, Clove, Cinnamon and Thyme Mint. Developed by the house of Dabur as a proprietary ayurvedic recipe, it prevents gingivitis, plaque, bad breath, bleeding gums, swelling and infections.


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